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About Danielson Church of the Nazarene

Danielson Church of the Nazarene is a dynamic church located in Danielson, CT. Our beliefs are based on the Bible and centered on Jesus Christ. Our mission is very simple: to lead people to honor and glorify Jesus Christ. That means we’re not about a building or some complicated religious system, but about helping people from all backgrounds discover the joy that comes from knowing and serving Jesus Christ.
We would love for you to come visit us some Sunday morning. We know that going to a new church can be intimidating, so we try to do things in a way where you’ll feel welcome and not like an outsider. When you come, you can participate or just sit back and observe. You’ll discover a warm atmosphere, practical teaching from God's Word and lots of friendly people pursuing God together. And with childcare and classes for all ages, your family will love it too! After the worship service, you are invited to enjoy a cup of coffee and meet some new friends in the Abundance Cafe.

God made a promise in the Bible that if we seek after Him, we’ll find Him. You are a valued part of God’s creation and His deep desire is to be in a relationship with you. So come and join us as we pursue God together!


Whether you are a first time guest or a regular attender of our church, we affirm that the most important thing that happens through our ministry is that we ALL draw closer to the Lord and experience the joy of connecting with Him, interacting with Him, responding to Him, and being transformed by His Spirit. Faith is deeply personal, and yet it thrives when nurtured through community. Our purpose statement sums up our endeavor: Together ....being, becoming, and making serious pursuers of Christ Jesus and His mission.


At Danielson Church of the Nazarene we value the family and we believe church should be a place for people of all ages. Every Sunday we provide children's ministries alongside our regular services, which provides a age-appropriate environment for kids to encounter Christ. Our church is made up of singles and families, widows and widowers, blue collar, white collar and no collar. Families enjoy worshiping together at Danielson Nazarene, and those who come alone find a whole 'nuther way of being part of a family.


Our lead Pastor is Rev. Joseph Baldinger and his wife, Tammy,  serves along side him.

Danielson Church of the Nazarene is guided by a leadership team who provide overall direction and watch over the spiritual needs of the church. 

A local church board consisting of elected members meets monthly to assure ongoing integrity in every aspect of our ministry. Danielson Church of the Nazarene is blessed to have a leadership team that is truly dedicated to Christ and accomplishing His will.